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Beauty Seam Agent

2021-01-11 09:29:35
Beauty Seam Agent

Beauty seam agent is a decorative and functional effect product, which has very high requirements for the hue and brightness of the product. The resin content of the beauty joint agent is high, the fluidity of the system is poor, and it is cured at room temperature. It also has special requirements for the dispersibility of the pearl powder and the oriented arrangement of the pigments.

1. The characteristics of pearl powder

The advantage of pearl powder is that it has the characteristics of acid resistance, non-sticky oil, and the appearance is lubricated after condensation, high strength, wear-resistant, non-staining, easy to clean, and can be wiped with tiles, making the gaps of tiles "never dirty and black". But it also has certain shortcomings. It has low hardness and thin protective layer. Because of the water-based epoxy resin, part of the water volatilizes after curing, and some sinks will appear. The wipe time is long and it is easier to break. Pearlescent pigments, color changing pigments, fluorescent pigments

2. Advantages of pearl powder as an additive

1. Improve the purity of colors. Pearlescent is a special mica material. The special properties of this pigment can be used to match different color feelings, and its color saturation is very strong. Especially the combination of gold and silver is particularly suitable as a beautiful sewing material.

2. There are many sizes to choose from. Pearlescent pigments can be matched according to different particle sizes, especially when the size of particles is different, the color gradation that appears is also different. In the decorative design, it can meet the needs of customers for pigment colors. Different collocations can also have different textures.

3. The three-dimensional effect is stronger. Using this new type of pigment, it can be matched with different material colors. This type of pigment is not only applied to beauty seam agents, but also to nail art and art decoration paints. The magnetic effect is relatively obvious, and it can have a certain degree of adhesion. Even in the case of a relatively small magnetic field, it can still achieve high-quality effects in all aspects.

4. The product color is diversified. The choice of color is rich, and it can also be added to the nail polish. It will not be too agglomerated and can have a certain dispersion effect. The overall operation effect is more beautiful and more three-dimensional. Of course, it has a certain strong magnetic effect, so it can be applied to different color fields. Pearlescent pigments, color changing pigments, fluorescent pigments

Three, one-component beauty joint agent construction method

(1) Prepare construction tools, usually glue gun, sponge, brush, utility knife and scraper. There is also a basin filled with clean water.

(2) Use a utility knife to dig out a groove with a width of 1 mm and a depth of 1-2 mm. It is necessary to ensure that the gap is clean and free of dust. It can be cleaned with a broom, a vacuum cleaner, or a brush, but it must be cleaned. Ensure that it is flat to avoid affecting the subsequent construction effect.

(3) Take out the beauty suture agent, tear off the label on the butt, stick it on the bottle body, pull off the tab, inject the beauty suture agent into the glue gun, and then be able to apply the beauty suture agent. At first, it can hit about 5cm, skilled After that, you can make a little longer, try to follow the principle of horizontal first and then vertical to avoid messing up the square. After finishing, use a scraper to smooth it, or use your fingers to smooth it, and then use the wet agent before it has condensed. The sponge wipes out the remaining material overflowing from the surface of the tiles.

(4) Wait for about 24 hours. After the seam agent is completely condensed, you can use it. You can see the gaps in the tiles that are as bright as porcelain, so that the entire room environment will suddenly shine.

Fourth, the precautions before the construction of the beauty joint

1. Before construction, ensure that the joints of the tiles are clean and free of dust and other stains. The width of the joints of the tiles should be as common as possible, and the crosses can be used for positioning to avoid affecting their appearance;

2. When using the jointing agent to make the base, it is necessary to ensure that the base material is flat and strong;

3. Use a wet sponge to wipe off the remaining material overflowing on the tiles before the beauty joint agent is condensed to avoid hard removal after condensing.

5. How to distinguish between good and bad beauty seams?

(1) Looking at the hiding power, it should not be shortened significantly after drying, and the appearance should be plump and flat. Those products with insufficient consistency will appear empty and even drop powder.

(2) Looking at the hardness, the hardness of the curing agent is basically comparable to that of ceramic tiles, with excellent self-cleaning properties and resistance to wiping.

(3) Smell the smell, the smaller the smell, the better the environmental protection.

(4) Look at the consistency, the consistency is appropriate, it is not easy to be wiped off, and the construction performance is good.

(5) Look at the color and gloss, the gloss is too high, it looks black and unnatural. The gloss is low, which is not conducive to cleaning and highlighting the effect of the seam agent.


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