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Laser Glitter Powder

2021-12-29 10:09:47
Laser Glitter Powder
Detailed introduction:

Product name: Laser Glitter Powder


The glitter powder products produced by Shenzhen Yisong Technology Co., Ltd. have a wide variety, rich colors and different shapes. It can widely meet the needs of different industries such as paint, ink, plastic, cosmetics, and decoration.

The specific classification is as follows

According to the shape:

Four-cornered, hexagonal, prismatic, five-pointed star, strip, heart, peach heart, stripes, embossing, etc.

According to the base material

PET, PVC, aluminum, polylactic acid

By color

Transparent, red, solid color, colorful, silver, laser, pearlescent, fluorescent, rape, matte

By purpose

Solvent resistant, common, degradable


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