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1200 Mesh Red Gold

2021-07-31 15:25:07
1200 Mesh Red Gold
Detailed introduction:

Product name: 1200 Mesh Red Gold



Copper-gold powder (also known as gold powder) is a metal with a scaly structure, which can float in the binder, exhibits a golden luster, and has pigment properties, and is made of copper-zinc alloy as a raw material through special mechanical processing and surface chemical treatment. pigment.


200 mesh copper gold powder: flying gold, fabric printing gold, suitable for fast printing. Features: high luminosity, strong metal feeling.

400 mesh copper and gold powder: flying gold, gold paint, fabric printing gold, also suitable for screen printing, wallpaper, paint and incorporation into plastics. Features: high luminosity, strong metal feeling.

600 mesh copper and gold powder: flying gold, gold paint, fabric printing gold, screen printing, handicraft coating, etc. Features: high luminosity, strong metal feeling.

800 mesh copper gold powder: used for water- and non-aqueous applications of textile printing, spray paint, plastic and wallpaper "point-and-point" coatings.

1000 mesh copper gold powder: used to make high-brightness spray paint, wooden materials, silk screen ink and slat ink. Features: Fine, high brightness.

1200 mesh copper gold powder: suitable for printing inks, paints, plastics, screen inks, etc. Features: High brightness.

1500 mesh copper gold powder: excellent performance, high gloss, good stability, can be used to make canned offset printing ink.

Application field

Copper gold powder is mainly used in crafts, paints, inks, coatings, printing and other industries


The commonly used method for determination of high content of copper is still the ancient iodometric method, which uses a large amount of potassium iodide, high cost, and time-consuming, and the newly developed photometric method is not suitable for the determination of high content of copper due to the problem of copper developer. Therefore, it is necessary to research and develop new color-developing agents. The author of this article tried acetic acid-sodium acetate buffer solution to control the pH value, and used ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (EDTA) as a developer to determine the high content of copper in copper and gold powder. At the same time, EDTA was used to mask elements such as zinc and aluminum. Eliminate its interference. Cu^2+ and EDTA form a blue complex with a molar ratio of 1:1. The complex has a relatively large absorption wavelength of 2=730nm, a molar absorption coefficient of ε=88.9, and a copper ion content of 12-24mg/ There is a good linear relationship in the range of 50mL, the linear regression equation is A=0.0354+0.02317c, and the linear correlation coefficient R=0.9995. The EDTA spectrophotometric method is used to determine the high content of copper in the copper-gold powder. The results are satisfactory, and it has development and application prospects. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise laboratories with relatively simple equipment.

preservation method

Copper-gold powder and its finished products should be stored at room temperature and in a dry environment; unused copper-gold powder should be sealed immediately. Otherwise, the copper-gold powder will deteriorate due to oxidation when exposed to the air for a long time.


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