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DD9819 Chameleon (Areen Blue Purple)

2021-07-31 15:19:37
DD9819 Chameleon (Areen Blue Purple)
Detailed introduction:

Product name: DD9819 Chameleon (Green, Blue And Purple)


Optical chameleon pigments are composed of optically color-changing film fragments with specific spectral characteristics. The optical color film is an optical film with specific reflection spectrum characteristics designed according to the principle of light interference with the help of multilayer films. It has a variety of materials with different refractive indexes. It uses vacuum coating technology and is accurate according to the requirements of specific film structure design. It is formed by controlling the thickness and order of each film layer and depositing it on the same carrier in sequence.

Has the following characteristics:

1. Random heterochromia is simple and easy to identify, and meets the requirements of public identification.

2. The random color and metallic texture cannot be reproduced with high-precision scanners, color copiers and other equipment.

3. Optically variable pigments are non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, stable in structure, strong in weather resistance, safe and reliable in use.


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