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KF-35GFluorescent Green

2021-07-31 15:26:37
KF-35GFluorescent Green
Detailed introduction:

Product name: KF-35GFluorescent Green

KF05Y 防伪荧光绿

Anti-counterfeiting fluorescent pigment is a special pigment. Under natural light irradiation, it presents a nearly colorless state. When receiving ultraviolet light, it will emit different colors of fluorescence; when the ultraviolet light is removed, it will immediately return to a colorless state. Therefore, it can be used to produce anti-counterfeiting inks and marking plastics. These two materials are widely used to print important printed matter, such as banknotes, invoices, checks, etc., and landmark materials can be used for the production of ID cards and credit cards.

color of the product

 This series of products has a rich variety of colors, including white, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange, and pink, with various color combinations and endless variations.

Product Features

A. Inorganic phosphor

1. The fluorescent color is bright and has good hiding power (opaque agent can be avoided).

2. The particles are fine spherical, easy to disperse, 98% of the diameter is about 1-10u.

3. Good heat resistance: it can withstand a temperature of 600°C and is suitable for various high-temperature processing.

4. Good solvent resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and high stability.

5. No color shift (MIGRATION), no pollution.

6. Non-toxic, will not overflow formalin when heated, and can be used for coloring toys and food containers.

7. The color body will not overflow, and the cleaning procedure can be omitted when changing the mold in the injection machine.

B. Organic phosphor

1. The fluorescent color is bright, has no hiding power, and the light penetration rate is over 90%.

2. Good solubility, all kinds of oily solvents can dissolve, but the dissolving power is different, you need to choose according to different needs when using.

3. It belongs to the dye series and should pay attention to the problem of color migration.

4. Due to poor weather resistance, other stabilizers need to be added during use.

5. Heat resistance: can withstand a temperature of 200°C, suitable for high temperature processing within 200°C.

Product Usage

1. It can be used for fluorescent coloring of various plastics such as PE, PS, PP, ABS, acrylic, urea, melamine, polyester, resin, etc.

2. Ink: Because it has good solvent resistance and no color shift, the printed product will not be polluted.

3. Paint: The light resistance is three times stronger than other brands, the fluorescence is bright and lasting, and it can be used for advertising and safety warning printing.


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