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UKG Green

2021-07-31 16:46:02
UKG Green
Detailed introduction:

Product name: UKG Green

UKG 绿色

Photochromic pigment is a kind of pigment that can change color under ultraviolet light. The raw material is colorless and transparent when there is no ultraviolet light. After ultraviolet light is irradiated, the molecular structure changes to produce color. After the ultraviolet light is lost, it returns to the original state. After special treatment, it can change from one color to another. Kinds of colors. Pearlescent pigments, color changing pigments, fluorescent pigments

The basic colors of photochromic pigments are:

Purple, red, blue, yellow. (Colorless to colored).

The use of photochromic pigments:

Coating: Suitable for all kinds of surface coating products, including PMMA spray paint, ABS spray paint, PVC spray paint, etc.;

Oil and ink: printing of various materials, garment printing, paper, synthetic film, glass, etc.;

Plastic products: Suitable for injection and extrusion molding of various plastic PP, PVC, ABS, silicone rubber and other materials.

Application of coating and screen printing ink:

Photochromic pigments are dispersed in paints and inks, not dissolved in paints and inks. Photosensitive inks may have different hues due to different polarities. It can be applied to oily and water-based paints and inks. It is recommended to add 0.2%~5.0%, generally 0.5%. Neutral or weakly acidic transparent resin should be used (pH 5~7 is most suitable). Photosensitive inks are suitable for all types of printing, including screen printing, gravure printing and letterpress printing. It is recommended to use white or light colors for the printing background, which can increase the degree of difference in color changes. Photosensitive pigments can be mixed with dyes or pigments to create more color changes. For printing different materials, suitable coatings or ink substrates should be selected.


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